How It Works


Baby Bubbles NYC will give you one less thing to worry about!! Let us take the dirty work out of your hands and put it into ours with our eco-friendly, Baby Gear and Baby Laundry service while we let you spend more time with your little one.

How it Works: Bundles

Schedule an Appointment:

Set a date that will work for you to have your laundry picked up at your door. Either call, email or schedule online today!

We Pick up:

Once you secure a date that works within your schedule and ours, we will pick it up from your door free of charge! Or if its more convenient you can drop your gear off at our UES location. 

Baby Bubbles Bundle Service:

Once we determine a pickup date and time, we’ll collect some important information. We will need to know if you’d like to use one of our detergent choices, Baby Bubbles, Dreft, All Free&Clear, Purex Ultra Baby, Seventh Generation or Soap Nuts to ensure each child’s bundle is cared for properly.

We Deliver:

Once finished, we will press and fold your bundles, packaged in the organic cotton laundry bag provided in order to keep out any unwanted germs or bacteria. Baby Bubbles NYC will deliver right back to your door, in 24 hours, fresh and Baby Bubbles clean!

The Process:


  • Tag & Bag: Once the items are received we will tag and weigh them to determine the price of the service. Your items are tagged with any special instructions and or detergents we have available, that have been specified to ensure each child’s bundle is properly cared for.

  • Inspections: We then remove each garment and inspect for pre existing damages (If found we will alert the client) and any areas needing special attention.

  • Wash: We will wash each child’s garments with its own bag of clothes individually in our Unimac M9 200G Extractor. While getting each clients garments clean, fresh and bacteria free; reducing water consumption is a goal at Baby Bubbles. Using the UniMac M9 offers 9 programmable water levels, providing optimum cleaning levels with less waste in water.

  • Dry, Fold, Package: We will dry your garments in our Energy efficient, UniMac tumbler to perfection. We will then conduct a post inspection of each garment to make sure no damages occurred in the cleaning process. Once pressed and folded, we package in our re-usable laundry bag provided by us to keep your child’s garments clean.

  • Send out for delivery or ready for pick up


Layettes – Call for exclusive pricing. Baby Bubbles NYC will deliver it to your door any time you want and need.
Comforters: $45
Stuffed Animals: $10
Coats: $15
Please ask about additional items to be cleaned, laundered.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to change your reservation prior to that, we will gladly work with you to change the reservation for pickup. Inside of that we will work to reschedule you for another date inside 2 weeks. Other than that, the client will be responsible for payment. If the gear is not left for pickup without prior notice of change by the client, you are subject to a $15 service charge.

Baby Bubbles NYC


Our mission is simple... We know how busy life can get as parents of 2 little ones ourselves, so we want to give you more time to spend with your family.

Pickup/delivery: NYC 157th East to West all the way to Water Street...