Tips for keeping bath toys clean!!

Bath Toys make bath time lots of fun!!! But, constant exposure to bath water can tend to create mold and bacteria, you can or can not see!!! You may be wondering how, how often to clean those bath toys.. We've put together a list of tips for you.. 1 - Are they washable? Before you wash any bath toys, make sure they're dishwasher safe.. Most plastic toys can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher on a regular diswhasher setting. To avoid damage, dont wash fragile toys or thsose with loose or moveable parts. If you have questionable items, you can alsways use Baby Bubbles All Natural Spray n Wipe! 2 - How to wash! If you're going to wash them in the dishwasher be sure to use a baby safe dishwashing soap, Baby Bubbles Spray n Wipe solution works great, and place your items in a lingerie bag on the top rack on a regular cycle. You can use a heated cycle to dry and make sure to dry completely before putting them back in the tub. Left over moisture can be a source for mold and bacteria! 3- Sanitizing toys.. Washing the bath toys in the dishwasher, will clean them but may not completely sanitize the bath toys. If you have a sanitizer cycle on your dishwasher, use it! Be careful with the high heat used in many dishwashers as not to damage the plastic toys. 4 - How often? It depends on how ofthen their used, and for how long they sit in the tub.. whether you use an organizer or just don't have the time and they sit in the bottom of the tub itself. We say once a week is advisable, to be safe. If you believe your bath toys are clean because their in the tub with soapy water, your wrong!! Bath water is dirty, and becomes a hot bed of germs and bacteria. 5- Storing after the bath.. Cleaning the bath toys won't help rid your items of germs and bacteria if their stored improperly or stored in an organizer that hasn't been cleaned too!! Store your bath toys in a open bin, where air circulates freely to keep them sanitized.

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