The Importance of Washing Your Kids’ Clothes Separately in Baby-Safe Detergents


Child Health and Safety: The Importance of Washing Your Kids’ Clothes Separately in Baby-Safe Detergents Whether you are raising your children on an organic diet or you believe that eating gas station candy and letting your tongue turn all kinds of bright colors is an indispensable part of childhood, and whether you are into educational play dates or free range parenting, you have probably noticed that there are lots of things that irritate children’s skin. Once your children reach a certain age, you can convince them that rashes build character, but a baby or toddler with irritated skin will cry and fuss until the problem is solved. Babies and toddlers hate to be uncomfortable, and when they are uncomfortable, they let you know it. Some babies are bothered by the straps of their child safety car seats, and some can’t stand to wear shoes, but riding in child safety car seats until you are tall enough for an adult seat belt to fit you and getting used to the feeling of shoes are just a normal part of growing up. Do not expose your baby to unnecessary discomfort by washing his clothes in detergents that irritate his skin. Some laundry detergents contain fragrances and other additives that can irritate young children’s sensitive skin. Some commercially available baby detergents are really no different from other laundry detergents, and it is just false advertising. Every parent knows that parenting is a full-time job. Washing and drying separate loads of laundry for your baby can be very time-consuming. That is why we are offering a laundry service for babies’ and toddlers’ clothing only. We will pick up your child’s laundry from your home, wash it in the safest available detergents for babies, fold it, and deliver the clean laundry to you. Much like cloth diapers services that deliver clean cloth diapers to your home and remove the used diapers, our services can help you save a lot of time, so that you have more time to spend enjoying your children’s childhood. Our services are affordable and convenient, and we have quick turnaround times for returning your children’s clean clothes. We are not a general laundry service; we only deal with the clothes of children three years old and younger. Your baby or toddler will love the feeling of clothes that have been washed in our specially formulated mild detergents. Contact us today to pick up your baby’s laundry.

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