How To Maintain Your Stroller This Winter


All sorts of debris can form on your stroller through the year, in the seat (you know what we’re talking about) on the frame and the wheels that can impact your strollers’ performance and safety functions. Make sure to have it cleaned on a regular basis to avoid potential issues and keep your gear in good working order and your precious cargo safe.
Check the wheels
The wheels on your strollers, can collect gook, grime and who knows what else, from our city streets, and settle in your axels making them difficult to push in the snow, sleet and general slop! In some cases the cold weather can freeze or harden that debris and cause your wheels to seize up. Make sure your wheels are free of debris and filled to the proper PSI levels to avoid potential problems.
Be diligent about your brakes
Just as with your car, your brake systems can take a beating working overtime to keep you and your children safe. They can malfunction, when you least expect it or need it. Keeping your brakes in good working order is a paramount concern, so make sure all your lines, pads, adjustment screws and bearings are tight and working properly.
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