Baby Bubbles Scrubbles Cleaning Process


We take cleaning seriously. Visually clean, is only one aspect of the process, so you won’t actually see the results of some of the cleaning stages that your item goes through to kill germs, bacteria and who knows what else!!

6 step Cleaning Process:

1- Pre-inspection: Each piece of gear that’s picked up is thoroughly inspected by one of our Baby Bubbles technicians for:

Any potential damage (which you will be notified about via email) Harness and wheel check (which you will be notified about any potential issues) Marked for areas of extra attention
2- Vacuum: We run your item thru our steam vacuum system to remove any loose debris that can be seen and those that can’t be seen.

3- Disassemble: In order to properly clean the frame, seat and wheels we will disassemble, tag and clean each part to make sure it is completely cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.

4- Pre-Spray: After the pre-inspection, we will apply our soil lifting, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Safe, Non-toxic, Pure and Natural formula to the areas being cleaned. Our Baby Bubbles formula breaks down the dirt, oils, sugars and other sticky substances that can attract more dust and bacteria. Once these have been loosened from the fabric of the gear, they are now ready to be extracted using our super heated dry vapor steam extractor.

5- Dry Steam Heat extraction: This unique steam vacuum system allows Baby Bubbles to remove years of built up soil, sludge and more! Our superheated steam and extraction process is built to handle the most difficult cleaning situations with ease and requires no harsh chemicals! With steam temperatures up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, Baby Bubbles eliminates 99.9% of all odors and bacteria. We use a low-humidity “dry” steam to facilitate drying and prevent mold and mildew growth. Our steam cleaner injects heated Baby Bubbles cleaning solution into the steam blast for ultra thorough cleaning of the heaviest soiling engrained into any fabric.

6- Post Spot Treatment: For all those tough and nasty stains, your Baby Bubbles technician will re-treat and spot clean any of the remaining stains until they’re no longer there.

We will then conduct a post inspection of each piece of the gear, reassemble and wrap to make sure any dirt and/or bacteria do not travel with your gear back to your doorstep.

Car Seats:

Deluxe Cleaning: We only offer our deluxe service on car seats as we adhere to all manufacturer and NHTSA guidelines recommended for your car seat. We will wash them using only cleaning solutions that will retain flame retardant properties of the fabric as well as hand wash each strap, hook, buckle and belt by hand so we keep the integrity/strength of the fabrics, as specified by the manufacturer.

High Chairs: Vacuum, Frame Wipe, Sanitize/Disinfect, Steam Clean, Nooks & Crannies Hand Wash, Tray Scrub, Stain Treatment

*All Deluxe cleanings are afforded the opportunity to purchase wheel covers at 20% off

** All cleanings come with a free harness and tire safety check**

Baby Bubbles NYC


Our mission is simple... We know how busy life can get as parents of 2 little ones ourselves, so we want to give you more time to spend with your family.

Pickup/delivery: NYC 157th East to West all the way to Water Street...