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Now that your little one has arrived, you never thought you’d be doing this much laundry, right? Whether it’s baby’s clothes, linens, burp clothes and oh so many outfit changes. You wouldn't think such tiny clothes would need so much extra special care, but you’d be surprised.. Follow us here and @babybubblesnyc For some tips to help you get through it all, or give @babybubblesnyc a call and let us pick it up, do the dirty work and deliver it so you can spend more time with your little one!

Tip 1: Be Gentle! Try to pick a gentle hypoallergenic dye and fragrance free laundry detergent.. We use @All_laundry Free and Clear or @Purex Ultra Baby for that baby soft sensitive skin.. Baby and Toddler Laundry

Tip 2: Pre-Wash All Your Baby Fabrics!!!!! Even before baby gets home, it’s best to wash all of your baby clothes. You just don't know what kind of germs might be lurking on clothes just bought from the store or your online shopping center. You might want to think about removing the tags that may be harsh on your baby’s skin! Or leave it to us and we can handle all your layette and baby laundry needs @babybubblesnyc Baby laundry

Tip 3: Think about Extra Drying Time We @babybubblesnyc can take care of all your baby/toddler laundry needs easily and painlessly letting you spend more precious time with your LO. We've learned that drying baby’s clothes always seem to take longer to dry than expected, so take the extra time the first go around!! With so many tiny articles of clothing with smaller surface areas than your own and thicker fabrics (made to be gentle on your babies skin) you may have to spend more time, energy and money drying the load twice! Another helpful time-saving tip for drying: make sure you unroll and untangle your LO's clothes from washer to dryer, so they’re not holding in moisture together while they dry. Did your little one have an accident in the car seat or stroller?

Here's one easy home remedy to get you through until you can call @BabyBubblesNYC.. Lemon Juice!! The acidity in lemon juice is more than enough to take care of unpleasant odor. Mix some fresh lemon juice with a little water and apply it to the affected areas. At least this will help keep your car or apartment from soaking in that terrible odor in the short term. Give us a call and let us kill 99% of all the unwanted bacteria that may put your child at risk! Schedule your appointment today and we'll do the dirty work. Let us pick up and clean your car seat, strollers, high chairs or baby and toddler laundry!

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Our mission is simple... We know how busy life can get as parents of 2 little ones ourselves, so we want to give you more time to spend with your family.

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