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Now that your little one has arrived, you never thought you’d be doing this much laundry, right? Whether it’s baby’s clothes, linens, burp clothes and oh so many outfit changes. You wouldn't think such tiny clothes would need so much extra special care, but you’d be surprised.. Follow us here and @babybubblesnyc For some tips to help you get through it all, or give @babybubblesnyc a call and let us pick it up, do the dirty work and deliver it so you can spend more time with your little one!

Tip 1: Be Gentle! Try to pick a gentle hypoallergenic dye and fragrance free laundry detergent.. We use @All_laundry Free and Clear or @Purex Ultra Baby for that baby soft sensitive skin.. Baby and Toddler Laundry

Tip 2: Pre-Wash All Your Baby Fabrics!!!!! Even before baby gets home, it’s best to wash all of your baby clothes. You just don't know what kind of germs might be lurking on clothes just bought from the store or your online shopping center. You might want to think about removing the tags that may be harsh on your baby’s skin! Or leave it to us and we can handle all your layette and baby laundry needs @babybubblesnyc Baby laundry

Tip 3: Think about Extra Drying Time We @babybubblesnyc can take care of all your baby/toddler laundry needs easily and painlessly letting you spend more precious time with your LO. We've learned that drying baby’s clothes always seem to take longer to dry than expected, so take the extra time the first go around!! With so many tiny articles of clothing with smaller surface areas than your own and thicker fabrics (made to be gentle on your babies skin) you may have to spend more time, energy and money drying the load twice! Another helpful time-saving tip for drying: make sure you unroll and untangle your LO's clothes from washer to dryer, so they’re not holding in moisture together while they dry. Did your little one have an accident in the car seat or stroller?

Here's one easy home remedy to get you through until you can call @BabyBubblesNYC.. Lemon Juice!! The acidity in lemon juice is more than enough to take care of unpleasant odor. Mix some fresh lemon juice with a little water and apply it to the affected areas. At least this will help keep your car or apartment from soaking in that terrible odor in the short term. Give us a call and let us kill 99% of all the unwanted bacteria that may put your child at risk! Schedule your appointment today and we'll do the dirty work. Let us pick up and clean your car seat, strollers, high chairs or baby and toddler laundry!

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Baby Bubbles NYC will give you one less thing for busy moms and dads to worry about!! Let us take the dirty work out of your hands and put it into ours with our eco-friendly, Baby Gear and Baby Laundry service while we let you spend more time with your little one.

How it Works: Scrubbles

Schedule an Appointment:

Set a date that will work for you to have your gear cleaned. Either call, email or schedule online today!

We Pick up:

Once you secure a date that works within your schedule and ours, we will pick it up from your door free of charge! Or if its more convenient you can drop your gear off at our UES location.

Baby Bubbles Scrubbles Cleaning:

Every Stroller, High Chair and Car seat goes through our 6 step process to make sure your gear is cleaned, disinfected and in proper working order. We use only baby safe, organic and natural products to wash away the years of wear and tear and breathe new life into your baby’s gear!

We Deliver: Once finished, we will wrap your gear to keep in freshness and keep out any unwanted germs or bacteria. We will deliver right back to your door, in 24 hours, fresh and Baby Bubbles clean and mother in-law approved.

Our Favorite Products:

Baby Bubbles NYC All purpose Spray and Wipe:

100% Pure and Natural Plant based mutli purpose cleaner.

Buggy Love 100% Natural Stroller Lubricant: 100% all natural stroller lubricant that eliminates squeaks and squeals of those wheels!

The Process:


We take cleaning seriously. Visually clean, is only one aspect of the process, so you won’t actually see the results of some of the cleaning stages that your item goes through to kill germs, bacteria and who knows what else!!

6 step Cleaning Process: 1- Pre-inspection: Each piece of gear that’s picked up is thoroughly inspected by one of our Baby Bubbles technicians for:

A- Any potential damage (which you will be notified about via email)

B- Harness and wheel check (which you will be notified about any potential issues)

C- Marked for areas of extra attention

2- Vacuum: We run your item thru our steam vacuum system to remove any loose debris that can be seen and those that can’t be seen.

3- Disassemble: In order to properly clean the frame, seat and wheels we will disassemble, tag and clean each part to make sure it is completely cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.

4- Pre-Spray: After the pre-inspection, we will apply our soil lifting, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Safe, Non-toxic, Pure and Natural formula to the areas being cleaned. Our Baby Bubbles formula breaks down the dirt, oils, sugars and other sticky substances that can attract more dust and bacteria. Once these have been loosened from the fabric of the gear, they are now ready to be extracted using our super heated dry vapor steam extractor.

5- Dry Steam Heat extraction: This unique steam vacuum system allows Baby Bubbles to remove years of built up soil, sludge and more! Our superheated steam and extraction process is built to handle the most difficult cleaning situations with ease and requires no harsh chemicals! With steam temperatures up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, Baby Bubbles eliminates 99.9% of all odors and bacteria. We use a low-humidity “dry” steam to facilitate drying and prevent mold and mildew growth. Our steam cleaner injects heated Baby Bubbles cleaning solution into the steam blast for ultra thorough cleaning of the heaviest soiling engrained into any fabric.

6- Post Spot Treatment: For all those tough and nasty stains, your Baby Bubbles technician will re-treat and spot clean any of the remaining stains until they’re no longer there. We will then conduct a post inspection of each piece of the gear, reassemble and wrap to make sure any dirt and/or bacteria do not travel with your gear back to your doorstep.

Scrubbles Pricing:


Single Basic: Vacuum, Frame Wipe, Sanitize/Disinfect - $35

Double Basic: Vacuum, Frame Wipe, Sanitize/Disinfect - $55

Single Standard: all + Steam Clean, Nooks & Crannies - $55

Double Standard: all + Steam Clean, Nooks & Crannies - $55

Single Deluxe: all + Hand Wash, Wheel Scrub & Shine, Stain Treatment - $75

Double Deluxe: all + Hand Wash, Wheel Scrub & Shine, Stain Treatment - $75 (required for all soiled items)

Car Seats:

Deluxe Cleaning: $75 - We only offer our deluxe service on car seats as we adhere to all manufacturer and NHTSA guidelines recommended for your car seat. We will wash them using only cleaning solutions that will retain flame retardant properties of the fabric as well as hand wash each strap, hook, buckle and belt by hand so we keep the integrity/strength of the fabrics, as specified by the manufacturer.

High Chairs: Vacuum, Frame Wipe, Sanitize/Disinfect, Steam Clean, Nooks & Crannies Hand Wash, Tray Scrub, Stain Treatment - $75 *All Deluxe cleanings are afforded the opportunity to purchase wheel covers at 20% off *

** All cleanings come with a free harness and tire safety check**

How it Works: Bundles Schedule an Appointment:

Set a date that will work for you to have your laundry picked up at your door. Either call, email or schedule online today!

We Pick up:

Once you secure a date that works within your schedule and ours, we will pick it up from your door free of charge! Or if its more convenient you can drop your gear off at our UES location. If laundry is scheduled to pick up or in our store before 12 noon it will be returned same day before 8pm, otherwise it will be the next day.

Baby Bubbles Bundle Service:

Once we determine a pickup date and time, we’ll collect some important information. We will need to know if you’d like to use one of our detergent choices, Baby Bubbles, Dreft, All Free&Clear, Purex Ultra Baby, Seventh Generation or Soap Nuts to ensure each child’s bundle is cared for properly.

We Deliver:

Once finished, we will press and fold your bundles, packaged in the organic cotton laundry bag provided in order to keep out any unwanted germs or bacteria. Baby Bubbles NYC will deliver right back to your door, in 24 hours, fresh and Baby Bubbles clean!

The Process:


1- Tag & Bag: Once the items are received we will tag and weigh them to determine the price of the service. Your items are tagged with any special instructions and or detergents we have available, that have been specified to ensure each child’s bundle is properly cared for.

2- Inspections: We then remove each garment and inspect for pre existing damages (If found we will alert the client) and any areas needing special attention.

3- Wash: We will wash each child’s garments with its own bag of clothes individually in our Unimac M9 200G Extractor. While getting each clients garments clean, fresh and bacteria free; reducing water consumption is a goal at Baby Bubbles. Using the UniMac M9 offers 9 programmable water levels, providing optimum cleaning levels with less waste in water.

4- Dry, Fold, Package: We will dry your garments in our Energy efficient, UniMac tumbler to perfection. We will then conduct a post inspection of each garment to make sure no damages occurred in the cleaning process. Once pressed and folded, we package in our re-usable laundry bag provided by us to keep your child’s garments clean.

5- Send out for delivery or ready for pick up

Bundles Pricing:

Individual Loads: $1.48 per pound (min of 10 lbs)

1 Month Subscription: $1.10 per pound for 50 lbs of laundry

6 Month Subscription: $1.08 per pound for 300 lbs of laundry

12 Month Subscription: $1.00 per pound for 600 lbs of laundry

** All laundry bundles come with free pick up and deliver and a one time free organic cotton laundry bag to keep and send back to us with your dirty laundry all replacements bags are subject to a $10 charge**


Layettes – Call for exclusive pricing. Baby Bubbles NYC will deliver it to your door any time you want and need.

Comforters: $45

Stuffed Animals: $10

Coats: $15

Please ask about additional items to be cleaned, laundered.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to change your reservation prior to that, we will gladly work with you to change the reservation for pickup. Inside of that we will work to reschedule you for another date inside 2 weeks. Other than that, the client will be responsible for payment. If the gear is not left for pickup without prior notice of change by the client, you are subject to a $15 service charge.

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Baby Bubbles NYC, is pleased to announce a partnership with NYC Mammas Give Back! is an organization that gives moms and their families the opportunity to help other moms and families in need in New York City. They are unwaivering in their support and are tirelessly collecting donations around the city and matching them with requests from their families in need. In addition to providing free wash & fold services for all clothing and linen donations to NYCMGB, we are excited to be the official UES donation/drop off center for the organization at 240 East 85th St, Ny Ny.

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All sorts of debris can form on your stroller through the year, in the seat (you know what we’re talking about) on the frame and the wheels that can impact your strollers’ performance and safety functions. Make sure to have it cleaned on a regular basis to avoid potential issues and keep your gear in good working order and your precious cargo safe.
Check the wheels
The wheels on your strollers, can collect gook, grime and who knows what else, from our city streets, and settle in your axels making them difficult to push in the snow, sleet and general slop! In some cases the cold weather can freeze or harden that debris and cause your wheels to seize up. Make sure your wheels are free of debris and filled to the proper PSI levels to avoid potential problems.
Be diligent about your brakes
Just as with your car, your brake systems can take a beating working overtime to keep you and your children safe. They can malfunction, when you least expect it or need it. Keeping your brakes in good working order is a paramount concern, so make sure all your lines, pads, adjustment screws and bearings are tight and working properly.
Winter Add On’s

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Baby Bubbles gets gear clean. For real.

Someone needs to produce a Dateline special on stroller grime. Blech. In the meantime, Baby Bubbles is on a mission to de-grossify baby gear. The new service was created by UES parents Seth and Kimberly Mittman, who clean all kinds of gear (strollers, high chairs, car seats) with made-for-babies solutions like Dreft and BuggyLOVE.

Choose the basic package for a vacuum, frame wipe-down, and sanitizing/disinfecting (from $35); the standard package adds on a steam clean and nooks and crannies detailing (from $55); and the deluxe package includes all said cleaning services plus stain removal and a wheels scrub ‘n shine (from $75).

They'll pick up and drop off the gear at your apartment. Basic and standard jobs get same-day service (7-8am pickup, returned 4-5pm); deluxe cleanings require 24 hours to let the stain remover work its magic (7-8am pickup, returned the same time the next day). There’s no extra charge for walk-ups and non-doorman buildings, and all of Manhattan is in the service zone. Call 646.286.9676 or email to set up an appointment; online scheduling is in the works. Prices for toys are available upon

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Bath Toys make bath time lots of fun!!! But, constant exposure to bath water can tend to create mold and bacteria, you can or can not see!!! You may be wondering how, how often to clean those bath toys.. We've put together a list of tips for you.. 1 - Are they washable? Before you wash any bath toys, make sure they're dishwasher safe.. Most plastic toys can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher on a regular diswhasher setting. To avoid damage, dont wash fragile toys or thsose with loose or moveable parts. If you have questionable items, you can alsways use Baby Bubbles All Natural Spray n Wipe! 2 - How to wash! If you're going to wash them in the dishwasher be sure to use a baby safe dishwashing soap, Baby Bubbles Spray n Wipe sol...

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Living in NYC with three young children, our world revolves around using a stroller for just about everything we do. Parents in urban cities rely heavily on these four-wheeled all terrain vessels, like little cars, and they have become a staple to our everyday living. To me, over the past 6 years, pushing a stroller has become as routine as carrying a purse; when I don’t have it it I feel like I forgot something. Our children do practically everything in their strollers while rolling through the streets of NYC like snacking, napping, grocery shopping, and even riding the subways. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, our strollers navigate us through it all, and they definitely take a bit of wear and tear along the way. For years, I’ve been saying how I wished there was a service like a carwash for your strollers, where parents can get their stroller systems cleaned and tuned up. And now finally, there is a service specializing in just that, called BabyBubbles.

BabyBubbles can clean, sterilize and detail the interior and exteriors of your stroller, highchair, bounce chair, and toys, making them like new again. Sometimes us busy mamas do not have the time to clean, and really get in between the crevices. Food left uncleaned can eventually become moldy, putting your child at risk of touching, breathing, and eating these toxins. BabyBubbles is also the ideal service for when you are having another baby, and want your previous gear cleaned and sterile for your newborn. BabyBubbles makes the process easy for you: determine what type of Scrubbles (cleaning) your stroller needs, choose from Basic, Standard, Deluxe packages, contact them and set up an appointment. They use only the safest, eco-friendly cleaning products that will make your stroller, high chair, car seat and/or toys shine again. BabyBubbles stroller cleaning will then deliver your items to your doorstep at no additional cost.

I really put Baby Bubbles to the test when I asked them to clean our extremely worn-in Joovy Too Qool double stroller. They came at around 8am to pick up the stroller and dropped it off practically brand new the following morning. Our Joovy fabric is a cream color so it easily soils, but was shocked to see it come back shiny and new again. I chose the Deluxe Package which included a vacuum, frame clean, steam clean, wheel scrub/shine and a stain treatment, just like a carwash. Look at the before and after pictures, as I (and the kids) are completely blown away. This service is something that has been in high demand since I started pushing a stroller. It’s such a peace of mind knowing that I am putting my baby in a clean, sterile stroller everyday and BabyBubbles is there to help me spruce it up when needed.

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This winter has been extremely rough on us, and our strollers. @babybubblesnyc has proudly teamed up with @citystork to help keep your stroller, your apt and your little one germ free. If you're in need of a stroller clean and detail, now is the time. Get ready for Spring!!! Follow us on Instagram and tag a friend for exclusive promo codes — with Citystork.

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Baby Bubbles NYC


Our mission is simple... We know how busy life can get as parents of 2 little ones ourselves, so we want to give you more time to spend with your family.

Pickup/delivery: NYC 157th East to West all the way to Water Street...